List of top things to do in Zakynthos

Last year I spent a whole week on the island of Zante . Due to a sailers strike, I had to stay three extra nights, which was an unexpected turn of events, but provided me with the  the time to explore the whole island, find and enjoy all the best spots. My overall experience was great and hence I decided to write this post. Here is a list of the things I recommend to see and do when in Zakynthos.

Visit the famous Navagio beach -  of course this is the most significant sight on this island and it really is without a doubt number one our list. The bad news is that this beach can be only accessed by boat and due to that reason you can’t spend a whole day there and that would be great. Most of the cruise ships give you several hours, usually two, to enjoy this lovely place. There is a story behind the ship, it claims that the ship was smuggling contraband such as cigarettes, wine and women.

Nagavio shipwrek beach

Visit the panoramic view to Navagio – the second thing you should experience related to this lovely place is the panoramic sight. There is a road that leads to this amazing place and reveals breathtaking views over Navagio beach and Ionian sea. If you are feeling adventurous you may also choose to bungie jump. The most adventurous jump of the cliff with parachutes and other extreme gear.

Nagavio beach

Enjoy the Blue caves – if you ever go to Navagio you’ll pass by the Blue caves. This another popular attraction available on the island. The name comes from the particular reflections of the water in the caves. It’s usually forbidden to swim there but most of the cruise companies stop by for a short time, 15 minutes or so, just so you can enjoy a swim in the light blue glowing water.

Visit Xigia beach – a little pearl of a beach that you can visit by car. This was one of my favourite places as the beach itself is so beautiful, but what I liked the most is that there were almost no people. The beach line is short and can’t handle crowds, if you do bump into “traffic” I suggest you return at another time, so you can enjoy it as you should.

Xigia beach Zakynthos

Have lunch at Agios Nikolaos – this is a little port, really, really close to Navagio beach and the Blue caves. The place is so peaceful and makes a perfect lunch spot. Have some sea food whilst feeding your soul with the amazing view accompanied by a refreshing cold drink. Also it’s good to know that you can get on a boat here, so you can visit the Shipwreck and Blue caves. What’s even better is that the boats you get there are little. Unlike big cruise ships, these little boats can actually go INTO the caves, which is a fab experience. If you have the time to do it, I strongly recommend it!

Agios Nikolaos port Zakynthos

Visit Cameo Island – a small private island located on the south coast of the island, just several kilometers from the capital, Zakynthos. This little island offers a secluded experience and often you can see parties here during the summer season. I’ve seen photos from several weddings that took place on Cameo island, and I think the place is perfect for this sort of purpose. To get to it you pass by a wooden bridge, so don't be shy go ahead and capture some great photos!

Cameo island Zakynthos

Experience the night life in Laganas – if you’re into night life you won’t be disappointed by Laganas. There are many clubs there and all of them them are always full during the summer season. Wild parties are not out of the question, it’s in fact the norm. You can see people having fun all around you and even if you’re not into the best of all moods, that can certainly change in a matter of seconds.

Visit Marathonisi, the Turtle island – part of Zakynthos Marine Park founded in 1999, this is the first  national park established for the protection of sea turtles in the Mediterranean.

Marathonisi island sea turtle island

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  • Al Kadam

    I have never heard of this place before and it is not really one I included in my place to visit. But this post, just the first photo says like, "this is place is so amazing!" I was scrolling down like hmmm, I am including this on my bucket list. Great post!


  • Alexander Popkov

    Blue ocean, mountains, and absolutely no people. I usually don't stay long at the beaches, in 3 days get bored. But this place seems to be a good location to have rest if I feel stressed out from work. And good photos.


    • Pavel Angelov

      The part with no people is little bit tricky, my visit was in the beginning of May which is really low season therefore it's not crowded. You're OK thought if you don't mind weather temperature of 25 and water of 18 degree celsius.

  • Marvi

    OMG... Zakynthos looks like paradise! I wouldn't mind to spend more days here too!


  • Amrita Sen

    I had never heard of this place before, but the place looks absolutely gorgeous. It is so true that travelling introduces you to so many new places and people.


  • amit

    One of y favorite things about Island trips is being explore the beaches and finding hidden coves. I haven't been to Zante but looks stunning from your pictures, I may have to add it to my list now :D


  • Nisha

    First, your pictures are gorgeous! Second, must admit I had never heard of this place in spite of travelling quite a lot. Zakynthos looks lovely and I should include it in my itinerary when I visit Greece next.


  • Rafael

    Amazing place and pictures! Thanks for sharing :)


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