Weekend in Kavala


We visited Kavala some time ago. Since we are from southern Bulgaria, although not all of us live there now, this trip was not one that required a lot of planning, just something we thought would be nice to do and go with the flow as they say. I have to tell you, we weren’t disappointed at all. It was a Friday afternoon and we were discussing the weekend options ahead of us and this is how we decided to spend a night in Kavala, and enjoy the sun by the beach the next day. Since it was the middle of the summer, it all seemed like a great idea.

Without further ado, we packed our bags (swimming shorts, sunglasses and some clothes to travel with) and headed to Greece. We left Blagoevgrad around 18:30 pm that same Friday night and arrived in Kavala around 22.00 pm. As we didn't have a hotel reservation, we had to look for a hotel on the spot. Spontaneous trips are the best! Turns out it wasn't that hard to find one. It was the second or third hotel we checked and managed to find decent size twin bed room for the night.

The road to Kavala

The Plan

Our initial plan involved grabbing a quick dinner and an early night as we wanted to maximize our beach time the next day. We ended up having dinner at Airotel Galaxy, which is a rooftop restaurant with a fantastic panoramic view. After a couple of drinks it felt right to abandon our initial plan and head up to a bar or a club.

Kavala marina

How things turned out

This is how we ended up in Aqua club. We went there and one drink led to another and by the time we realized how late it was the sun was about to rise, so we decided to grab some rest and headed back to our hotel.

We were hoping to get a couple of hours of sleep, but by the time we woke up it was noon! We packed quickly, checked-out and headed to the beach. Kavala has a few great beaches, but the one I would definitely recommend is a beach about 12 kilometres from Kavala city in this small village, called Nea Peramos. The beach is located in a bay line and is about a couple of hundred meters long. It has many beach bars and it's always full of people looking for party. However, I would even recommend it to a family since the beach is has really soft sand and the water is crystal clear. We spent the rest of the day there and grabbed a late afternoon bite in the nearby tavern. We had a lot of fun, but around dusk head to head back.

Peponi beach bar

Kavala, looking forward to seeing you again!

We headed back to Bulgaria with wide smiles on our faces. This was a spontaneous weekend we won’t forget. A weekend we would repeat and a weekend we tell stories about. Kavala is a great place to visit. The night life and beaches make Kavala an attractive destination, but the city has some historical remnants and if you're into that you should definitely check out the fortress, located in close proximity to the city centre. It offers some great views and it's a good place for taking some great photos.


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