Experiencing the North of Italy on a road trip - part 2

The next day I will be heading to Milano. It will be 170 kilometers drive, which should take about 2 hours. Being one of the world’s fashion capitals, I am sure that that shopping in Milano s quite an experience. There are plenty of places to see in Milan, but the time would be limited so efficient planning is required.

Sforza Castle – or  Castello Sforzesco in Italian is an impressive city castle designed during the 14th century and one that was demolished, rebuilt and modified a couple of times throughout its history. Today it stands as a tribute to an old era and a precious legacy to the city.  The museum of the castle also houses a lot of precious artwork such as Michelangelo’s last masterpiece of Michelangelo and frescoes by Leonardo da Vinci and Bramante.

Sforza Castle

Milan Cathedral - A short 15 min walk from the Sforza Castle is located Milan’s Cathedral also known as Duomo di Milano. Probably one of the most famous places in the city itself and famous place for taking a selfie. This Roman Catholic cathedral designed in Gothic style architecture was completed in 1965, but the original construction started as early as 1386.

Milan Cathedral

  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – when it comes to shopping, this place to be especially if your pockets are deep.  The prestigious shopping arcade is named after the king Victor Emanuele (1861-1878) and houses some of the world’s top luxury brands.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Parco Sempione – it’s a large city park established in 1888, it has overall area of 95 acres, located in the historic center of the city. I think it’s a great place to finish my Milan stay. I walk in the park, hopefully with some sunny weather.

Parco Sempione

As I mentioned, there is much more to see in Milan and the night life is particularly good, but my main goal would be to experience the city’s vibe and do a bit of shopping. I’m planning on staying over for 2 nights, so hopefully there will be time for other activities and a few more places will join the list. After Milan, I will be heading to Verona. The city is about 170 kilometers from Milan, which would mean around a two hour drive. I’ll be there only for a night, and my plan is as follows:

Piazza delle Erbe – the main square in the city of Verona that hosts an ancient town hall, also known as the Judges' Hall. The piazza looks like a lovely place for a walk and I can’t wait to see it in person!

Piazza delle Erbe

Arena of Verona – it’s a Roman Amphitheatre in Piazza Bra, built in the first century. It is incredible as it is still in use today and is internationally famous for the large-scale opera performances that take place here. With a capacity of 15,000 peoples, I can only imagine the acoustics! The max capacity is 30,000 people and one can only imagine the performances that used to take place here in the past.

Arena of Verona

Basilica di San Zeno – this will be my last stop in Verona and what a stop it is!  Its crypt was the place of the marriage of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet!

Basilica di San Zeno

photo by Sergey Novikov

After Verona I will be driving to our starting point- Venice, which is around 115 kilometers or a little more than an hour.

I’m planning on doing this road trip in the spring, when the weather will be warm and the days longer As you can see from my list we start in Venice and there.

Italians seem to be very religious people and you can see most of the things I’m planning to visit are churches, cathedrals and basilicas. But the architecture is mostly what drags me there. I love the Italian cuisine especially the pizza, pasta and sea food dishes. I’ve been in Italy before, and was not disappointed.

Let us know if you decide to this trip. I hope you like the way I have structured the trip. The words of St. Augustine have truly inspired me and they read as follows:

“The world is a book and those do not travel read only page of it”!

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