Long weekend in Catania, Sicily

Sicily is a well known and desired Italian destination, many tourists come from all over the world to visit it. This was my first visit there, but since my stay was just for three nights and the island itself is huge and you would probably need like a month to spend there to see all its hidden gems and glamorous places, we spend our time only in Catania city. This is one of the two biggest cities, the second biggest to be exact, along with Palermo.

We chose Catania because we were in search of a destination to open the summer season, but due to our limited time we needed a direct and cheap flight. Wizz air had exactly what we needed from Sofia, Bulgaria. We flew on Thursday evening and returned back on Sunday evening, with a total of three full days were spent there.

Sicily is known for many things, one of which is the amazing food. A real Italian cuisine can be found there, great seafood and amazing pasta. Me, myself, I'm a big fan of pasta and you can image it was like heaven to me.

They say that southern Italy is the closest you can get to experience the real Italian lifestyle. Fashion there is not much of a factor as it is in Northern Italy, but people are still dressed very nice and they tend to look good in general.

The southern region of Italy in general is poorer, and maybe that's a factor as well, there aren't many industrial zones and there isn't many productions in this region so you can witness many old houses, some of them even on the brink of collapse but this can even be considered as part of Sicily's charm.

If you rent a car and go north you can visit Etna vulcano which is seen from the city itself.

Etna vulcano in Catania

And if you decide to travel a bit more you can even go to Taormina, a small very romantic and glamorous city. Very instagram friendly, great photos can be taken there.

Taormina, Italy

However, because of our short stay and our so desired vacation, we decided to take a real break and spend our time only at the beach. Catania has a great beach line which is not very typical for big cities, mostly the good beaches are located several kilometers from the city, in Catania it was inbound the city.

A very long, maybe like 5 or ever more kilometers long beach line with silky soft white sand just like the one that can be spotted on all those exotic destinations and full of beach bars. Of course to go with our plan, we had a hotel which was right behind that beach line. The pearks, few steps to the beach, the cons not that close the city center and a little bit noisy because the airport was really close by. But it was cool sitting on the beach and airplanes flying right above you.

Airplane flying over Catania beach

Every beach had its own DJs, good food (snacks mostly) and good wine (or prosecco) and the parties, especially at the weekends started from early in the morning till late in the evenings.

The beach line with all the beach bars were very friendly Instagram locations, great photos we took there and really, really early in the mornings before the beach bars open we had the beach to ourselves and took even greater shots.

Empty beach photoshoot Catania

Three days passed by very quick, you know what they say, time flies when you're having fun and it was already Sunday we had to pack our bags go he beach one last time and catch a late flight back to Bulgaria. We had the perfect tank tops for that occasion.

In general, as impressed by Sicily, will come back one day, rent a car and take a good coast trip to visit all those small, glamorous cities we missed now. Goodbye Sicily, see you soon!

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