San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy and the bachelor party

San Benedetto del Tronto is a small Italian resort located in the middle of the east coast of Italy, situated by the Adriatic Sea.

The city is an active fishing port, so you can enjoy fresh seafood all the time. I was able to try various fish dishes unheard by me before. All were exquisite!

Enough fishmongering, I want to share my nightlife experience with you. In total I spent 3 nights there during last summer and the accent of the trip was my friend's bachelor party.

The weather wasn't exactly brilliant, so we weren't able to do all that we set to, like taking a swim in the sea for instance.

San Benedetto del Tronto main street

Yet as a positive we were able to watch a tennis tournament and a few games. In fact we  got to see the culmination of the whole event and watched the semi-final and final games.

Challanger tennis San Benedetto del TrontoChallanger tennis San Benedetto del Tronto

The nightlife was even wilder than we expected. We went out for one night only, but I have to tell you it was all that it can be. We visited a club called "La Terazza". An amazing open air rooftop club acros the road from the beach line. The Italians sure know how to party!The fun part started at about 23:00 and continued till sunrise and even after that.

Prosecco and champagne were the most popular drinks of choice as you can see below.

la Terraza San Benedetto del Tronto

By the middle of the night, the club was full of people, everyone dancing and having fun. Half-way through our bottle we were feeling the vibes too and started dancing. The funny part is that at this stage some shots and shakers appeared miraculously..... I started to get a little dizzy, but this didn’t stop me!

My memories from then on my memories are slightly vague, but fortunately we have a photo that the club photographer took and I’ll share it with you guys.

We continued till sunrise and were so tired that barely made it to our hotel. Several hours later when we woke up the sun was shining and it seemed like a perfect day out there. We headed to the beach for some lunch and indulged ourselves with  pasta, pizza and sea food as well as some prosecco.

After lunch we stayed for a little while on the beach and it is unfortunate that we couldn’t go in the water as it had been raining the past few days  and the waves were too big. There were red flags everywhere and I was feeling like an octopus from the night before. So the the only logical thing for us to do was to lay down and enjoy a bit of sunshine. San Benedetto del Tronto's beach line is appealing and I think if the weather better we would have embraced the spirit of the resort even more.

the beach during the rainy days

In summary,  this little resort will stay in my memories for two main reasons:

1. The amazing food

sea foodsea food Italy

pizza Italy

2. The nightlife

And of course not to mention the bachelor party itself. One of the most important days in the life of a friend. Hope he had a good time. Also, I hope to be a part of another bachelor party soon. Maybe we will visit San Benedetto again, who knows.

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  • Geraldina

    La Terazza is crazy! Best place to be in Italy


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