The daily trip to lake Como

Lake Como, just 50 kilometers from the city of Milan or 1 hour train ride was a great idea for a daily getaway from the big city. The price of the ride was very reasonable as the one from Bergamo airport was, seems like bus riders in Italy are fairly cheap, just 5 euro per person for one way ticket. I've always loved cosmopolitan cities and Mialn was a dream of mine since I'm a big fan of fashion and visiting one of the fashion capitals of the world was a great experience for me.

However as I mentioned a day trip to Como was a great idea, getting away from the noise and the people and having some quite time with lovely landscapes was simply amazing. Little Italian cities are very romantic with their streets and nice restaurants and when you have a beautiful view like the one at lake Como to compliment all this, the feeling becomes even more amazing.

Fortunately for us the day we chose was really sunny and probably the hottest of all days we were in Italy. Have in mind that its in the middle of February and Como is really close to the Apls so warm jackets were indeed a must for us.

We arrived at the lake at about 11 in the morning or should I say in that case noon? However we weren’t hungry so when we got off the train we first headed to the city center and started our tour around the lake.

Lake Como Italy

Como is really big, not only the lake but the city itself. We enjoyed a little bit of the shore and port and decided to go up and get some panoramic views. There is a train from the center of Como up the mountain, yes a train! Every 15 minutes you can catch that transport for a ticket price of 5.5 euro (which was a return ticket price).

Train to top of Lake Como

A 10 minute ride and we’re already on the top. A beautiful panoramic view revealed in font of us. Part of lake Como is what we see, many villas, the port and in the back the magnificent Apls. The mountains we see in the back are actually in Switzerland. The boarder is just few kilometers away and if we had a spare day or at least it was summer and the days were longer we could have catched another train to Lugano, Switzerland (this is actually a great idea for a summer time trip, have that in mind).

Panorama over lake como

We were now on a mission. In search of the house of Bulgarian poet Pencho Slaveikov who has been ousted from his homeland and the house we were looking for was the house in which he past away in 1912. As Bulgarians it was important for us to find that place.

Pencho Slaveikov house in Como ItalyPencho Slaveikov house in Como Italy

Fortunately it didn’t took as much time and walking among all those beautiful villas, enjoying the fresh mountain air with great view over the lake Como was such a great time stiller that we didn’t even realize when it had become 3 P.M. It was time for us to get a bite to eat and head back to Milan.

We picked a restaurant in the city center near the lake to have some tasty Italian food. Pizza, lasagna and of course the very famous Aperol Spritz cocktail.

It was already time to catch our train but a quick photo session was not out of the question! We don’t know when or even if we’ll ever be back so missing that opportunity would have been a silly mistake.

And so our day passed and an hour train ride back to Milan was ahead of us. Lake Como made our trip to Italy for Valentines Day really special. I do hope one day to have another chance to visit this part of Italy and hopefully to be in summer so we can as well enjoy a boat ride on the lake. Arrivederci Como and Buona Sera Milan!

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