Top foods of Italy

The Italian cuisine doesn't really need much introduction it's probably among top 3 most famous cuisines in the whole world. I personaly love Italy, love the food and the little romantic restaurants that are on ever corner. One thing I can asure you of and that's that you've never tried Italian food before you eat in small town where there aren't a lot of tourists.

In Italy every region has it's own special meals that you won't find here unless it's something really, really delicious and unique. In other words here are the  most famous Italian dishes.

Pizza - of course our lists starts with pizza. Who doesn't love pizza, right? A friend of mine always said "pizza is like s**, even if it's bad it's good". I certainly have to agree with this quote. Few things you need to know about real Italian pizza. One is that there never will be pizza with more than three products in it, and two in Italy never ask for sauces, that afends them, never the less you'll never need them anyways, their products are so good and tasty that sauses can only ruin the taste.

Italian Pizza

Pasta - yes, homemade fresh pasta. Another of the must try things when in Italy and another of the things that you've never really tried before you try the locals homemade pasta. Bolonese, Carbonara, you name it, so tasty that you'll even eat the dish.

Italian homemade pasta

Lasagna - another one of my favourite dishes, Lasagna. Very much like pasta, very similar taste and same as the other Italian foods mentioned above, you've never tried it before you have in a small Italian town.


Caprese - probably the most Italian salad it gets. Caprese, a slices of mozzarella and tomatos. This one you can have anywhere and it will always be good. Doesn't need much to prepare it. Just some quiality cheese and fresh vegetables, dilicious and it's again one of the things I can have on daily bases.

Caprese salad

Tiramisu - moving the deserts and we start with the most significant Italian desert, Tiramisu. A coffe flavoured desert that I'm sure you've heard of before and even tried, it's something that you can find anywhere and everywhere and it's the most delicious desert I've ever had.


Gelato - when it comes to deserts Italians sure know what they're doing, you're probaby thinking "huh, ice cream", welll, no. Italian gelato is very special, very rich milky taste. It's no wonder that when someone visits Italy they pictures of their ice cream for instagram.

Gelato in Italy

And a bonus advice from me, when you visit Italy definity try local white wines, Italian are very famous for they're white wine selection and their prosecco as well. And another thing to have in mind, try their coffee as well, you won't be disappointed, I guarantee it. Time to get fat guys, enjoy your meals.

Oh, and another thing I forgot tomention, not typical Italian, but have in mind that in many places in Italy you can find fresh sea food. And when the fish, or whatever you order, is fresh and the chef knows how to prepare it, the result will be, yummmy!

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