3 day winter escape to the island of Malta

Hello guys and Happy New Year! Long time no see! We’ve been busy preparing our bucket list for 2018 and making plans, oh my, they are big and ambitious! Our blog starts the New Year with an amazing experience from our journey to Malta, the cities of Sliema, Birgu and the hotspot Valletta.

You’re probably thinking why “hotspot”, maybe because of the location of the beautiful island of Malta, well no! The capital of Malta, Valletta is voted European Capital Of Culture for 2018, so that makes it a European cultural hotspot this year.

The moment we landed, the hot air and taste of the Mediterranean welcomed us! Hello Malta! A breath of fresh warm air and the smile of the sun is always welcome in the middle of winter.

The island of Malta is relatively small with its 27 km of length and 14.5 km of width, so we chose to travel by bus predominantly. You can see more reasons why we chose to travel by bus within our previous post: “Tips when traveling to Malta”.

For our stay we chose the city of Sliema. The bus took from the airport took only 30 minutes despite the many stops en route and at an extremely reasonable ticket price of 1.5 euro per person. On our way to Sliema we noticed that the island is very developed and travelling between the cities felt like moving though different neighborhoods.

When we arrived to Sliema we were instantly amazed by the views of St. Julian and started taking pictures before making our way to the hotel.

As soon as we checked in we took a walk around the city of Sliema. We had only three days in Malta, and no time to waste! The streets of Malta are tiny and charming, you can see flowers on the windows. For a moment I felt like I’m in Italy, one of my favourite European destination.

Boryana on the steets of Sliema, Malta

Our flight from Sofia was only 1.5hrs long, but really early in the morning and shortly after our we felt the need to power-up!

What better way to do this than trying a typical Maltese meal! A glass of Proseco combined with fresh rabbit meat, a bit of greens and chunky chips quickly helped us recover some of our strength. It was time to walk back to our hotel and fully rest for the new day ahead.

Cooked rabbit a typical Maltese dish

The next day, 31st of December, we woke up early, enjoyed some fresh coffee with our breakfast by the bay of Sliema, admiring the view and thinking of the day ahead. Our plan included a visit to the capital-Valletta and Birgu.

Sliema is only 5kms away from Valletta, so it took us a short 15 minute bus ride to reach the European Capital of Culture for 2018!

As soon as we arrived in Valletta we saw so many people eagerly preparing for New Year's Eve. We were eager to welcome 2018 too, but also to explore the streets of Valletta. The capital is relatively small, so we were able to walk around most of the centre in a couple of hours. We were able to find some great spots and capture some great photos.

It was noon and time to head to Birgu, in particular we were keen to see the port area, grab some lunch and enjoy the sunny weather.

A cup of coffee after lunch and were ready to explore the streets of Birgu. It was a great walk, but now our minds were focused on New Year's Eve. This is why we decided to head back to Sliema.

We chose to welcome the new 2018 in a little restaurant on the main street of Sliema, where could see the fireworks. It was a great decision and our evening was thoroughly enjoyable

On the first day of the New Year, we decided to take a ship and gain a new perspective over Malta. We were able to explore the three main harbours of Malta and it was great to appreciate the cities we explored on foot from a sea perspective.

A fine rest was due and this was also a great time to reflect on our memories of the previous days and have a laugh.  Despite the short time spent in Malta, this little charming country managed to capture our hearts. A visit in the winter is great way to top-up your vitamin D levels and in our case a great destination to welcome the New Year! Malta must be even better in the summer, so addiju until our next visit!

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