A lovely day in Monaco

During our saint Valentine's Day vacation in Nice, France we decided to spend a day in Monaco. Situated at only 30 kilometers from Nice or a half an hour train ride for the fair price of just 4 Euros is located another one of the most beautiful places in Europe, Monaco.

Officially the known as the Principality of Monaco, surrounded by France and the Mediterranean Sea, with a square area of just 2000 kilometers, making the second smallest country in Europe, after the Vatican.

We arrived at final final stop Gare de Monaco-Monte-Carlo at 11 o'clock. The weather was amazing, sunny and clear sky, we had great luck. After getting off the train we quickly started to explore the city with rather big anticipation, we were thinking of visiting Monaco for a long time now, but never really got the chance before and now we took advance of our close distance from Nice.

The first thing we saw when we got out of the train station was the marine, and of course we had to take a walk on it, check out the pretty yachts. I'm a big fan of boats so it's always a pleasure for me to take a walk on the marine and observe the boats as they are parked and I do have a dream someday to own one, nothing fancy though, just something to get me on the open sea.

Yachts at Monaco Marine

Time was passing by really, really fast, you know what they say, time flies when you're having fun. It was already lunch and with no further thoughts we sat in a restaurant on the marine, I was really suprrised with the prices though. We had to beef steaks with french fries (the best ones I've had so far) and two glasses of wine for 50 euros.

After lunch we headed to the Musée océanographique de Monaco. We diced not to go in since we're visiting for just a short period of time and we wanted to see more of the city. But if we ever return we'll definitely go in, the price of the ticket for adults for 14 euro, fair I think.

Musée océanographique de Monaco

Nevertheless, from the high grounds where the entrance is located there are some spectacular views, perfect for Instagram photo shoots, I know many of you would like to see those as much as we did. And on a close walking by distance is also the Prince's Palace of Monaco, which is another one of the must see things in Monaco.

Prince's Palace of Monaco

One thing was left on our list after that, and it was Casino Monte-Carlo. We don't really gamble, but this casino is a rather significant landmark for the city so visiting it a must. And we highly recommend to sit down and have some coffee with ice cream in Cafe du Paris, which is located just next to the casino.

Casino Monte-Carlo

While you're having your coffee you'll be amazed by the cars passing by. I think the most driven cars in Monaco is the Ferrari. While while were having our coffee so must Ferraries passed by that I lost count, but they were much more than the regular cars passing by.

Along with Nice, Monaco has quickly become another one of my favorite cities in Europe and I look forward to visiting it again and maybe even booking my hotel there so I can more time to enjoy it.

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