Day trip to Kotor

Kotor is a town situated in Boka bay, near the limestone cliffs of Mt. Lovćen of the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. It's an UNESCO world heritage center with its medieval old town and it's a place I visited a long time ago and I plan on visiting it again in the next months.

It's getting quite popular tourist destination in the Balkans and eastern Europe and that leads me to an anticipation to explore it yet again. As I recall it, it was very beautiful, though the small size of the town and the population of less than 20, 000 people. The town gives you a feeling very similar to the one you get on lake Como, or at least I felt it the same way.

Kotor bay of Adriatic sea, looks like Como

Many cruises with routes of Adriatic sea stop here for a day and since the bay is small when few ships enter it gets really crowded. Also imagine when all those people stop and go to the medieval, which is also rather small, hidden behind huge stone walls. And inside those walls you can find many gift shops and few little restaurants, when you get tired you can just stop for a meal and after that continue your tour, and if you do stop for a meal make sure to try some of the local dishes, like Punjene paprike, which is actually stuffed peppers or maybe Sarma which is something very typical for the most part of the Balkans as well, sauerkraut rolls filled with minced pork and rice, mmm, tasty!

Old Town of Kotor, UNESCO world heritage

As I mentioned, or I might have forgotten, the streets of the old town of Kotor are very beautiful and a perfect place to do a photo shoot, let's just hope you'll get a good weather conditions a lighting, of course. Make sure to walk through the whole city, it's rather small as I said and it won't be very time consuming, but that's the best way to find all of the greatest spots.

Beautiful old house in the old town of Kotor

There is something for the religious type of people in Kotor as well. A couple of orthodox churches can also be found in the premises of the old town. Don't imagine anything huge, but smaller and very charmful churches.

orthodox church in old town of Kotor

After all of that, if you have time left, make sure to climb high above the medieval town of Kotor for a perfect view of the town itself along with the bay of Boka, and if you don't have that opportunity, you're not wearing comfortable shoes, or you don't have so much time to spare, you can at least climb the walls of the old town. There is however a small fee to do that, if I recall it was 3 euro.

You can easily spend a whole day in Kotor, the time passes by so fast that you won't even know when it's time to leave, I'm looking forward to my next trip to the Adriatic seaside of Montenegro, and I'm planing on doing in the same way I did it before, with a day trip to Budva and a day trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia as well!

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