The best way to visit Rome on a Budget

And now the last part of our trilogy will discuss the way in which you are able to visit Rome on a budget or €50 euro a day. This includes a return flight, airport transfers, accommodation, food and drink.

Return Flights and Airport Transfers (€70)

I am still surprised to see that many of the people within my social and professional circles don’t collect avios or air miles. Every little helps and overtime you can build a substantial amount that can help you buy cheaper tickets or even gain access to some lounges as well as other benefits such as priority boarding. All of this depends on your membership club as well as the airlines in question. I was able to book a return British Airways ticket (London Heathrow – Rome Fiumicino) for just  €42 and with the use of some 13,000 air miles.

In terms of the airport transfer from the airport to the centre of Rome and on the way back, I spent €28, which I found slightly pricey and perhaps because of the good deal I got on my plane ticket. I did check whether there is a cheaper way, i.e. booking a return ticket as opposed to using singles, but the lady at the biglietteria explained that it was not possible to book a return.

Accommodation (€41)

I stayed over at The Four Seasons Hostel and spent a total of €41 for two nights, which includes a €7 city tax. I felt comfortable and staying in a hostel can sometimes be great value for money as in my case, since I wanted to prove that the whole trip can be done on a tight budget.

Food and Drink (€39)

If you avoid the restaurants around the main touristic attractions and perhaps explore a bit further it is likely that you will be able to find some great food and better value. In terms of the numbers, you can in fact get a pizza for as little as 5.

Sightseeing (€0)

If you are on a really tight budget, you can choose to enter St. Peters Basilica for free and queue through the main entrance.  You can visit the Pantheon, the Risorgimento museum, and have a walk around the Colosseum for free. Also, all churches are free to enter and you can take a stroll around the Roman Forum  too. The best way to explore Rome is on foot, so if you are prepared to embrace the heartbeat of the city you wouldn’t need to use the metro or other means of public transportation.

To sum up

It is possible to explore the Eternal city on less than 50 euro a day, including all expenses. However, that will vary depending on your individual circumstances and personal preference, such as your location and desire/ability to take long walks. My actual expenses were in the range of 87 euro a day, mainly due to me choosing to enter the Roman Forum, visit the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel and climb the Cupola. I also went out on a Social occasion, which wasn’t planned, but was a lot of fun.

Please note when travelling on a budget it is always a wise idea to have some extra money or even a medical insurance, so you have a peace of mind.

I hope I was able to inspire you, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book your next journey!

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