The magnificent San Juan

Puerto Rico is an island situated in Caribbean sea, right next to the Domenican Republic. An island that has a rich history, being ruled by different civilization over the years, and now a part of the United States (e.g. you'll need US visas to visit it). The capital city of Puerto Rico, San Juan is located on the northeast coast of the island very close to the airport if not even within its premises and home of the key port of the island.

Puerto Rico has a very strategic location, it's the biggest island to reach when crossing the North Atlantic Ocean and probably that has always been the reason for so many nations to be interested in it. For many years the island was a Spanish colony, over 400 to be exact before it became a U.S. territory. Now the local currency is U.S. dollars and the national language is considered to be English, though everybody speaks fluent Spanish and the locals actually feel it as their birth language, their first language. Though to be exact it's no exactly Spanish, but very, very close to it.

I had the opportunity to spend two weeks, even though my stay was for business purposes and did not have very much free time, I did find some to enjoy some of the beauties.

I visited several beaches, and the one that I most liked was Playa El Escambrón. It was not very close to the place I was staying so was not the one that visited most often, by the best one I did visit. It hat very clear water and the beach was full of palm trees, beautiful. There were no beach bars, though it's something strange for us Europeans, in Europe everywhere we go, on every beach there are multiple beach bars. To be honest, I did enjoyed the peace and quite the beach offered. Most of the time I was only hearing the sounds of the waves.

Another one of the beaches I enjoyed was Atlantic Beach, located on just a few minutes walk from the hotel I was staying. It was as well a very beautiful beach, nice sand, waves, but it was a little crowded. There are many hotels on that area, some of which have a private beach actually, but still more people were visiting so it was not my first choice.

Other than beaching I did find time to visit the old San Juan city and I have to say it was probably the best place in San Juan. Very picturesque place, with lots of colorful buildings and great seaside road.

A must visit in the old part of San Juan are the old fortresses, three of them and the Bacardi factory, just be careful with the rum, you don't want to drink too much in the hot days.

What I do regret not having the opportunity to visit during my stay was the jungle, yes Puerto Rico has a small jungle on the island and maybe some other beaches located on the south side of the island, I did heart they were better there.

I'm sure that many more things can be done and should be done when one visits Puerto Rico, but what's the fun of doing everything at one time and having no reason to come back? San Juan gave me a piece of Caribbean feeling I had never felt before, one day I will return to explore more of the island and to the things I didn't have the chance to do, and just so you know what I did I find mandatory to do, read the post Top things to do in San Juan, enjoy!

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