Top beaches of San Juan

There are plenty of beaches near San Juan, city, more than ten to be exact. All of them are really wonderful and where ever you decide to go you won't make a mistake, but there some however that are a must visit. I spent a total of 15 days in the capital of Puerto Rico and got the opportunity to see most of them.

The ones that I'll mention in this chart are not ordered, different beaches offer different types of experience, those are just the ones I found most interesting and would certainly love to visit them again. Hopefully, one day I will!

Isla Verde Beach – it has been voted #1 as best urban beach of 2016 by USA travel readers. Situated near the city airport, Isla Verde has a  tremendously long and wide beach line, full of palm trees, that really give you that Caribbean feeling. As Condado beach, there are many hotels that have covered parts of the beach line, and are preferred by many travellers because they're so close the airport. Isla Verde is also known for its nightlife, casinos and clubs, so if you're that party person that needs such things, but wants a nice beach within a few minutes walk, this is the place for you.

Balneario El Escambron – most of the beaches in San Juan are having an endless blue line on the horizon (the sea) on one side and tall buildings on the other side, that's not very unsual considering we are in the city premises, but that's not the exact case of El Escambron. The beach is located between then old San Juan and the new San Juan. We may even say that it's the line that separates the new tall buildings with the old part of the city that has managed to preserve some history and there are almost no new buildings, especially tall ones. El Escambron has a huge parking area and it's a preferred go to place by the locals. If you're into taking a walk by the seaside to the old part of the town you may leave your car there and, if I'm not mistaking the price of the parking was 5 dollars for the whole day. Other than that you won't find any beach bars, so make sure you bring some beverages to stay hydrated, as a matter of fact, I don't recall any of the beaches in Puerto Rico to have had beach bars or restaurants.

Condado Beach – I spent most of the time on this beach. It's was really close to the hotel I was staying and again in the city premises. The beach line as very long and as all beaches in Puerto Rico it had soft sand with beautiful waves hitting the beach. It can get a little overcrowded, most of the beach line is covered by hotels and parts of the beaches in front of them are private. There are sunbeds and umbrellas, maybe only for the hotel guest, or maybe you can pay to use them, I'm not really sure since I prefer lying on the sand with a towel when the sand is that soft.

Puerto Rico and its beaches are a preferred destination for many travelers based on various reasons. The weather is always great, sunny and warm, 24-30  degrees Celsius and the waters are always hot, like 22-26  degrees Celsius. People from over the world come to experience not only the beaches but many other things the Caribbean island, offers. Make sure you read Top things to do in San Juan and The magnificent San Juan. To learn some of the most fascinating facts about Suan Juan and fill your schedule with different things to do.

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