Top things to do in San Juan

The capital city of Puerto Rico, San Juan offers many different attractions and activities. Puerto Rico in general has a long and interesting history. In the past Puerto Rico has been a Spanish colony for over four centuries, but since 1898 they are considered U.S. territory, does make it a little bit harder for tourists to visit since they need U.S. Visa. Well, for all those of you who don't have a problem with that, you already have a visa or you are a U.S. citizen visiting San Juan, here is a list of things you should most definitely do!

Visit Bacardi rum factory - yes, the very famous Bacardi rum, which I'm sure everybody know is made here. Visit the factory in San Juan, taste extraordinary rums or maybe buy a special bottle as a gift for someone. Factory is located near the old town of San Juan, so you can combine that along with some other things on the list below.

Bacardi Rum

Eat fresh tropical fruits - some of the best and delicious tropical fruits can be found in Puero Rico. I'm sure that wherever you're from, you can easily find and buy a pineapple, but I assure you the taste won't be near the same. With my visit there I recently discovered the real taste of some fruits.

Tropical Fruits

Visit the old town of San Juan - tiny streets with colorful building on both sides, they looked so romantic. A must visit place is the old town of San Juan where you can find many authentic bars and restaurants. Have lunch in one of them or have a drink later in the night to experience the vibe of the locals.

Old town of San Juan

Take a walk around Castillo San Felipe del Morro - hundreds of years of history can be accessed on three different fudges located in close walking distance. They usually have an entrance fee of 10 U.S. dollars, but we got lucky with the time being there are there was no charge for tourists.

Castillo San Felipe del Morro

Visit La Perla - it's a neighborhood situated between two of the fortresses. Rumors have it that it's not safe to visit this place, but you can observe it from one of the fortresses. Located on the beach an consists of many small houses in many different colors, you won't miss it! It just catches the eye.

La Perla

Visit the cruise port of San Juan - a saw the biggest cruise ship I have ever seen my life in the port of San Juan. This thing was so big that it even had an amusement park on the top floor. Puerto Rico is a stop for many cruise ships cruising around the Caribbean. It's amazing seeing one so close and just comparing its size to others ships in the port.

Cruise port ot San Juan

Take a boat ride to Bioluminescent Bay - this is something that can't can't be shown in picture and frankly, most of the pictures shown on the internet are not very real, very photoshop just because you can't make a decent picture. Bioluminescent Bay is basically a boat ride you take in the evening when it's dark and there are micro organisms that glow blue in the water, amazing, don't miss it and prepare to get wet.

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