New Years Eve in Belgrade

It’s about that time of the year again, New Years Eve is less than a month away, and everybody seems to be so excited about it, planning trips and exploring their options searching for what best suits them. To be honest I never understood why this fuss is all about but I do wait for the holidays with anticipations, just to get back on the road and visit yeat another destination new destination, this year for me it will be Athens, Greece.

Few years ago I spent New Years Eve in another European capital, Belgrade, Serbia. Sharing my experience with you may help you make up your mind if you have Belgrade in your bucket list.


For starters I would like to say that Serbians like most Balkan people sure know how to party. Although we spent only two nights in Belgrade and we didn't had much time to visit the city sightseeing we made the best out it by enjoying the nightlife. However few years later I returned to Belgrade and had the opportunity to explore of the city landmarks, my advice to you is to enjoy both the nightlife and sighseeing, here’s a guide on what to do and visit.

The celebration of New Years Eve started at around 9 P.M. in a local tavern in the city center of Belgrade. There was live music, Serbian of course, an orchestra and vocalist. They were performed all night different Serbian songs of different artists and styles. They were really good and people all over the place were enjoying som much and everything looked wonderful. When we had few drinks and we started to get in the mood, getting a little dizzy, we got up and started playing horo, a typical Balkan dance. If you've never played horo you've missed a lot. It's so much fun!

When it comes to alcohol, we had a typical Balkan drink, rakia, of course. There offered so many types, a great selection to choose from, we choose rakia from pear. I had tried before several types of rakia, pear was not one of them so it it was something new to me, after the first seep I was satisfied with my choice, the drink was so soft and pleasent to drink and usually rakia is really strong drink, with a sharp taste.

Rakia a typical Balkan drink

Rakia a typical Balkan drink

Few words I have to say about the food as well. As I mentioned we were in a tavern so good food is not out of the question. Many kinds of grilled meat and accompanied by local foods like “katak” and “aivar”. If you haven’t tried those and you ever go to Serbia make sure you do try those. Everything was freshly made and had great taste, the meat was of really high quality, not the ordinary thing you buy in a hyper market raised in some big farm for mass production, but something more like bough from a local farmer, always the better option when it comes to food.


All those things were great, we had an amazing time as we were able to feel the spirit of the Serbians celebration of New Year’s Eve. There were few things I didn’t like though. Unfortunately the weather was really cold, sunny, but cold. The temperature was about -5, which is not that cold if you think about it, but since Dunabe river is passing through the city of Belgrade there is a lot of humidity in the air and that makes it feel colder than it actually is. Make sure to stay warm during winter in always have some woolen clothes with you!

Belgrade during winter

a photo from few years later the same time of the year, just feel the cold weather

Another thing I wasn’t happy with was that the party for New Year’s Eve ended too early. I didn’t expected that, but around 4 A.M. almost everybody were gone and we were the only ones left in the tavern. 4 A.M. is not early at all, you probably won’t find that as a con, but I’m used to stay up and party all night until the sun rises. That's something we typially do in Bulgaria and was expecting that in Serbia as well.

That was the only thing that bothered me a little, but in general we had a great time, great drinks and great food, so I was absolutely satisfied with our choice of destination for New Years Eve and I definitely recommend it to you as well. And remember my advice when gooing to a foreign country for some holiday always choose local type of restaurants, taverns, clubs etc.

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