A weekend getaway to Bratislava

If you follow our blog regularly, you would know by now that I have this dream to visit every and each one of the European capitals, today I am one step closer to fulfilling that dream with my visit to Slovakia's capital, Bratislava.

Bratislava was never among the top places on my list, I had many opportunities to visit it before, but managed to always find a way to skip it in favor of something else. Now that I've been there I have to tell you that that was a mistake, and if I knew what was waiting for me in Bratislava would have certainly visited it sooner.

Our trip started late on a Friday night, the flight we were on arrived at 21:30 at the airport in Bratislava. Fortunately, when we do long weekends we travel with small backpacks and we didn't have to wait at the airport to claim the luggage.

When we got off we had to think of a way to get to the city center, usually I'm well prepared and know all the available transports, but this time it was different. We went outside and caught a bus. The tickets are cheap, I might say, and they charge you based on the time you travel, so for 15 mins. it was about 35 cents, now I don't what happens if you don't know how much time you need to travel, but considering the distance between the airport and the city center we decided to go the 15 minutes one and they were enough. Maybe it had to do something that it was night and there was almost no traffic.

Once we reached the center, we took a short walk to get to our hotel, 22:30 was already passing so dinner was out of the question, we were pretty tired from the flight and we decided to call it a night and went to sleep.

On the morning when we woke up the nice weather was waiting for us. We quickly got off the beds, and headed to the old town to get some breakfast.

After that we headed Bratislava Castle, just a few hundred meters by feet from the old town. The castle is situated on the top of a hill and wonderful views of all towns can be seen from there. We had some time, the weather was nice, the views amazing, so we did a quick photo shoot while we had the chance.

It was so beautiful out there that we didn't want to go down to the city, so we found a nice restaurant to have lunch, best fish soup I've had in my life, fish from the Dunabe river and some spices, amazing.

Dunabe fish soup

And so our first day was at its end, it was passing 16:00 and since it's October and the days are short it was already getting dark. We decided to go back to our hotel and prepare for dinner, we had a reservation at a local pub that was recommended to us by the hotel. The food was great, especially the cheese and garlic soup, and the beers were.... nothing I had ever tasted before, local homemade beers, cheers!

cheese soup with garlicHomemade beer in Bratislava

In similar way started our second day, breakfast in the old town, followed by a walk along side Danube river. The weather was sunny and warm, not very typical for the end of October but we certainly enjoyed it a lot. Later we headed back to the city center to get our luggage and head back to the airport. Along the way we stopped to get some coffee in a cafe in the old town center and we tried the most delicious hot chocolate we've ever tried, pin this place to your visit to Bratislava, you won't regret it!

Once we got our luggage from the hotel we decided to try different transport methods to the airport. We were thing of getting a taxi, but we found out that there was Uber in Bratislava so our choice quickly changed. The cost to get from the city center to the airport is only 8 euro, for about 10 kilometers distance, I think it's pretty reasonable and it will be my choice of transport for the next time for sure.

With that, our weekend trip ended, filled with amazing moment, awesome photo sessions, great beer and delicious food. We will be back, it was worth it!

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