Top things to do in Alicante

Alicante has quickly become one of my favorite spots in Europe. The food is great, the weather is always nice and it's a perfect place for a weekend getaway as we did in the beginning of March. We spend a total of three days there and did quite a lot of things, some of them were nice experience, others not that much. As usual,l I made up a list of the top things we loved doing there and here it is!

Eat local food - I had never before been to Spain and trying the local food was the first thing that was on my mind. I quickly fell in love with it, so delicious. The vegetables were fresh, the fish was outstanding and sangria, oh my god, the sangria! I was a little sceptical at first about the local cuisine but my opinion radically changed and thus I put "eat local food" as the first thing on my list.

Spanish cuisine

Visit Santa Bárbara Castle - the spectacular cliff that the castle was built on is easily recognized and seen from all over Alicante. There are several ways to get there. You go by feet, climbing thousands of stairs, and walking quite a lot. You can go there by car, maybe even a bus, I'm not sure, but there is a parking on top of the castle car is a good decision. Or as we did get the elevator from the shore to the top. Yes, there is an elevator that goes all the way to the top of the castle from the bottom of the shore. The price is 2.70 euros per person and it's free for kids under, I think it was 2 years and elderly people above 60 years old. On top of the castle you have this amazing view over the city of Alicante, it's a perfect isntagram location, so have that place in mind.

Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante

Go to the beach - even in early March the weather was hot that the beach was literally crowded with people. Well, that was on a Sunday, of course, during the week it was all to ourselves. The sand was like that tropical one, silky soft, and there almost no waves in the ocean, the water was pretty calm, though I was not hot enough to go in and stay for a while, it was a pleasant stay for a couple of hours just to prepare us for the upcoming summer in Europe.

Alicante Beach

Take a walk on the port - if you don't know that about me, I love boats! Taking a walk on the marine and watching all those yachts is a really pleasant thing to do. There are many cafes and restaurants and you can sit somewhere have a drink or a bite to eat and just absorb all the sails up in the air and the nice breeze.

Take a walk in the city center - just right on the next side, across the road of the marine is city center. An awesome street with palms and many, many restaurants and shops. We bought some souvenirs from there, beautiful silk scarf for just 9 euros! Take a walk and explore the local handmade jewelry that they sell. You'll most likely buy something not only as a souvenir, but something you may never find anywhere else.

Alicante City Center

Visit the basilicas - there are two basilicas in the city center, both are a spectacular thing to see and they are among the most significant landmarks of the city. One is Co-cathedral of St Nicholas of Bari and the other is Parròquia Mare de Déu de Gràcia. Very close to each other as they are much alike they are as well many different. Spend a few minutes admiring the architecture in the enormous Organ in Parròquia Mare de Déu de Gràcia.

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