Weekend getaway to Alicante

This was my first ever visit to Spain, my foot had never before stepped on on the Iberian Peninsula. It was the beginning of March, 2019, we flew to Alicante on Saturday evening on a late night flight, I'm not a big fan of late night flights, at least for inbound, outbound are ok. We flew from Sofia to Alicante for about two and a half hours.

When we arrived it was passing nine o'clock even with the time difference and we have just landed, haven't even gone to our hotel yet. We quickly found a suitable transport for our needs, the public bus goes from the airport to the city center for just 3.5 euro, probably one of the most cheapest transports I've seen so far for getting from he airport to the city center, maybe only Malta was cheaper than this.

The ride took as about 15 minutes or so, we got off at the closest to the hotel bus stop and when to check in. FYI the bus travels the whole city and there are many stops, so most probably will have one very close to your hotel as well.

No matter that the transport was so fast it took us a lot of time to pass by boarder control and when we arrived at the hotel as passing 11 o'clock, not a great idea to eat that late and we decided to skip dinner. We did go out, however, sat in a bar near the hotel and drunk an amazing Sangria, my second favorite drink!


On the next day we woke up as early as possible, it was 8 o'clock in our case, got dressed and went out to look for a nice place to eat, this was the first time I book a hotel without breakfast.

We quickly found a nice little restaurant on the marine and sat down for some breakfast, the weather was sunny, hot and the view of all the boat lined up on port was making my meal taste even more delicious.

Fed and energized, we headed to the Santa Barbara Castle for some nice photoshoot with the amazing panoramic view from above, a must see landmark of Alicante. The day past the bay and after a nice dinner we headed to our hotel.

Panorami view from Santa Barbara Castle over Alicante

Our second was not very different, after breakfast we continued our tour of the city, this time the cathedral, two to be exact. St Nicholas of Bari and Parròquia Mare de Déu de Gràcia. I'm not that big of a fan of the churches and cathedrals, but they are a big cultural and historical landmarks everywhere and are always a must visit place on my list. A dinner was on our list next, and of course local food, it is. Spanish cuisine has quickly become one of my favorites, check out my post Top foods of Spain to see the local dishes.

Pavel Angelov drinking Sangria in Alicante

 Our third and last day was more of a chill day. After breakfast we headed to the beach, had a nice walk, sat down on the sand for a little while to enjoy the waves and nice weather, it was Tuesday and everybody where off to work so the beach was pretty empty, which was making it even more satisfying.

Boryana Acalova on the bach in Alicante

With just one visit to Spain and it has moved up in my charts of favorite European destinations. Nice weather, amazing food, not to mention the Sangria, looking forward to my next visit, Valencia, Malaga, Marbella are all in my bucket list, can't wait!

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