Mamma Mia romance in Skopelos

Skopelos island is the place where most of the film Mamma Mia! took part. Since we welcomed our first anniversary on the island of Skiathos a visit to Skopelos was also part of our plans. The islands are located in close proximity to each other or about an hour's ride with a ferry.

At first the island seemed like that it's not that well developed although it's larger than Skiathos. However, somehow it also carries a romantic vibe. The port of Skopelos had a lovely view over the town. Built on many levels, all building are white and portray a sense of harmony accompanied by authentic greek music.


This time our hotel was located only about 350 meters from the port area, so this time no transport was required. When we arrived, it was passing 4 o'clock, and we decided to get some rest at the local beach, have dinner in the town and just relax. A walk around Skopelos island at night was fantastic- exploring the streets and observing the sunset over the port area we felt at peace and fulfilled.

Follow me to SkopelosPavel Angelov in Skopelos port

One of the key attractions on the island of Skopelos is the Mamma Mia cliff and the monastery of Agios Ioannis. The next day, we rented a quad- we find it really pleasant to ride quads, so once again this was our choice of transport. The price was 40 euro per day, a little bit more than the ones we rented in Skiathos.

You can also visit the monastery by using the available bus service, which goes there 3 times a day. The fares are about 15 euro per person, so renting a quad is actually a great value for money option and one that will provide you with greater flexibility.

Mamma Mia Agios Ioannis in Castri Skopelos

It took us around 40 minutes to reach the Mamma Mia cliff. The views from the top and around the church are just breathtaking! It's a great place to take some dramatic and emotionally intense photos and capture the moment forever.

View from Mammia Mia cliffView from Mammia Mia cliff

Also, I almost forgot to mention- there is a third way to travel to Mammia Mia cliff, and that is by sea. I think though that this is only possible from Skiathos island since the only cruises that depart from the port of Skopelos are to Alonissos island and the marine park.

For the price of 30 euro per person, you will get a whole day cruise trip, from 8:30 to 6:20 and you have the opportunity to see dolphins and sea lions. Also, the cruise stopped at few beaches and few small villages to sunbathe and eat.

However, back to Mamma Mia. There is a small beach near the cliff. A couple of hundred meters by foot. I'm 100% confident that this is one of the best beaches I've experienced in Greece and I've been to many! The water was turquoise blue- a color that I just adore! The surrounding cliffs added a level of dramatism to this irresistible landscape. We spent more than 3 hours on this beach and took some amazing photos and videos so we can share with you.

Boryana Acalova Mamma MiaBoryana Acalova Mamma Mia

Time was passing by, so we headed back to town to rest for a bit before dining. The next day, the adventure mode was “on,” and we decided to explore the whole island and find the best spots since we had the quad. At first, I was a little bit disappointed by the beaches and what we saw, only to be proven wrong shortly after we soaked our eyes in the crystal clear and blue waters- more like in Mamma Mia.

The first stop on our island tour was Limnonari beach. Along the way, there are some amazing spots with panoramic views, and we took some time to enjoy the landscape and photograph the experience.

Panoramic view in SkopelosPanoramic view in Skopelos

While we were struggling to take a selfie and capture the fantastic surroundings, a couple saw us and stopped their quad next to us and offered to take a photo of us. We obviously said yes and are more than pleased with the result!

Pavel Angelov and Boryana Acalova in Skopelos

We stayed at Limnonari beach for about an hour before moving on to explore more of the island beaches.

Limnonari beach

Next one on our list was Kastani beach. On the way to this beach, we also crossed few others. In order, they were Panormos and Milia beach, but we didn't spend any time there since we had Katasni stuck in on our minds. Both were nice and looked like a great place to enjoy the sea.

The moment we saw Kastani beach, I realized this is the place to be in Skopelos! Not only that it looked so amazing, but it also had a nice beach bar with music, comfy sunbeds and a bunch of people having fun.

Kastanii beach Skopelos

We enjoyed our visit to Katsani beach before heading back to our hotel. Unfortunately, it was time for us to start thinking about packing our bags. This was our last night, and we had a ferry to catch early in the morning. A goodbye dinner out in Skopelos town was due of course. We enjoyed our last night on the island with some fresh sea food accompanied by wine, and the lovely view over the port of Skopelos.

We are pleased to have been able to experience another Greek island, and our whole vacation would keep our hearts warm for a long time. Now the time has come to start planning our next trip, which will most likely take place in September.

*Useful tip, if you ever visit Skopelos make sure to visit Molos Taverna- the food was fantastic, and the prices were reasonable. This Lamb Shank costs only 14.5 euro. You will also enjoy the view from the tavern and the live Greek music.

Lamb Shank at Molos Taverna Skopelos

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  • Stephanie

    I watched the movie years ago. You see these beautiful places in movies, but see them as fantasies. I love your pictures of the island. Hopefully, one day I will be able to travel to places like this.


    • Pavel Angelov

      Thank you! The island is really beautiful it has a lot to offer and it's still a little bit underdeveloped. I think in the future it will be very well known. I wish you someday to visit it!

  • Crystal // Dreams, etc.

    I've always wanted to visit the Greek islands and Mamma Mia made me want to visit them more. Your photos are gorgeous!!


  • Bethany

    Greece is a dream of mine, even just for the food alone. I'm so jealous, and I didn't know that was were Mama Mia was filmed.


  • Tyra

    So happy that you guys got to experience your first anniversary in Greece! It's a beautiful country. I'm so jelly. Lovely photos!


  • Pavel Angelov

    Thank you guys! It was really amazing in Skopelos. Wish you to see it someday. And about the photos when the landscapes are this it's impossible to take a bad photo.


  • Holly

    This looks like such a beautiful trip! I definitely want to go to Greece in the future :) xx


  • Lynn Woods

    I love the movie Mamma Mia. One of my favorites!


  • Sally

    Looks like a very beautiful place. Glad you enjoyed your anniversary there. Thanks for tips to keep in mind when there.


  • Kristen

    your pictures are stunning! I love the movie Mamma Mia, and now I'm adding this to my bucket list!


  • Natalie

    Oh wow! What a stunning place! I remember thinking that the setting for Mamma Mia was incredibly beautiful--I had no idea that it was actually filmed on site here. Adding this to my list of must-visit places! :)


  • Amanda

    What a beautiful place! It looks like you enjoyed your time there! xx, Amanda ||


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