5 reasons you should visit Turkey

Turkey, where Europe and Asia meet has a population of almost 80 million people. It is a country that offers many opportunities for different types of vacations. The country has stunning beaches, beautiful mountains and the Turks themselves are famous for their hospitality. Below are my top 5 reasons why you should consider visiting too.

1. Cuisine – my top reason to travel to Turkey is the F-O-O-D. I love to eat (don’t look very much like it though, but I do)! Starting the day with Menemen in the morning is awesome. This breakfast dish is made of scrambled eggs cooked in sautéed vegetables and served hot with bread. Around lunchtime, the traditional Döner makes an excellent meal choice! Very much like the Greek's gyros and a choice of chicken or lamb meat and even both mixed. If you are vegetarian, you can opt for Lahmacun or a vegetarian Kebab. Lahmacun, which is a Turkish pizza with a thin crispy base, can be accompanied by some vegetarian toppings. Since we are at it why not have some Dolma too? Dolma consists of rice and vegetables wrapped around vine leaves, but can also be stuffed in peppers or courgettes.

Dolma, stuffed vegetables

There are many more dishes I can mention, but what I find most delicious of course is the dessert section. Turkish Lokum is the most delicious I’ve ever tried in my life. Künefe - baked cheese with shredded pastry dough and pistachio will also guarantee a mouth-watering experience. The Queen of all Turkish desserts though is Baklava! This pastry dessert topped with ground pistachios is super tasty and sweet!

Baklava and other Turkish deserts

2. Тurkish coffee - I’m an avid coffee drinker, and there are days where I can go through 5-6 a day and still want more. Turkish coffee has this particular creamy taste that I love so much that no added sugar is needed. The art of preparing the coffee is a ritual in itself. Personally, I’ve tried several times at home, but unfortunately, they were always unsuccessful. You can recognise the unique flavour made by a master. If you are not a fan of coffee, worry not and have a cup of Turkish tea instead!

Typical Turkish coffee

3. The markets - a big part of shopping in Turkey is related to bargaining. It's bizarre how you can go to local shops, and negotiate your very own price despite that the there is a displayed price already.  If you are good with words and you know how to enchant people then this is a fantastic chance to buy great products at very reasonable prices. One thing that I personally recommend is local made leather goods. I bought two leather jackets, two fantastic leather jackets from a local shop and bought them at a great price, best purchase, ever! Another thing you can check out at the markets is gold. Turks have great gold at again fair price. Many people buy quality jewelry from Turkey, so also have that in mind when you visit.

Typical Turkish Market in Istanbul

4. Magical Feel – Turkey certainly has a magical feel and this is great chance for getting yourself involved in your own 1001 night fairy tale plot. For starters you can go and visit the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

Blue mosque in Istanbul

Along with that there are many more amazing places to visit. Like Pamukkale - cotton castle in translation, a natural site that is famous with its hot springs the terraces of travertine.


Also, I would mention Cappadocia too. I'm sure you've seen many pictures of it on instagram and other social media, but here's another one for you.

Cappadocia hot air baloons

5. The resorts - Didim, Bodrum, Antalya, Kusadasi, Alaçatı those are only a small part of the amazing resorts that Turkey has to offers. Located on the Mediterranean seaside of Turkey these resorts host luxury hotels at a very reasonable prices. If you are into all inclusives, look no further.  Many hotels will welcome you at the airport with a shuttle and be quick to serve you some champange and strawberries.  So yes the service is great and as I mentioned early on you will feel very welcomed, but also the amazing beachline will surely contribute to your perfect stay.

Antalya sea

I can always think of many more reasons why you should visit Turkey, like the traditional Turkish baths for example, or ancient archaeological sites, and a pleaid of natural wonders, but I hope that the above have already inspired you to look into Turkey when planning your next vacay.

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