Cardiff, the Welsh Barbados and Caerphilly Castle

Cardiff is a vibrant city that has loads to offer and makes a perfect weekend destination. The Welsh capital is home to numerous independent shops, a castle that conceals more than 2,000 years of history and much more.

Cardiff Castle has been an integral part of life in the city and still plays a prominent role to this day. Throughout the years it has served as a Roman Fort, Norman Castle and even offered shelter during the Second World War. This is the sort of place where fairy tales and legends become alive and hence young and old visit with the same great interest looking to uncover its well-kept secrets.

Cardiff castle

Once you climb to the very top of the tower a panoramic view over the city is revealed. All those steep steps are worth it!

If that doesn’t leave you speechless, than take a walk within the lavishly decorated Castle Apartments and see how that feels.

An additional advantage in favour of Cardiff as a top choice weekend destination is its location. Just some 20 or so minutes away and one is able to explore the Vale of Glamorgan in search of hidden gems. One such worth mentioning is Barry Island also known among the locals as “Barrybados”. Yes, you are reading this correctly- Wales has its very own version of Barbados!

Although it seems that Barrybados has seen better days and is slightly neglected, exploring the vast and beautiful beachline can be a lot of fun. Barry Island ranks as a place I would love to visit again, but probably on a very hot and sunny day that would allow me to enjoy a swim too.

Once you think that you’ve seen enough of Cardiff and the area, heading up to Caerphilly Castle is likely to change your mind very quickly.

Of the time of its building in the late 13th century, this medieval fortification was a revolutionary masterpiece of military planning and Britain’s first concentric fortification. Caerphilly Castle is one of the largest fortresses in Europe and the imposing complex is the second largest in Britain after Windsor Castle.

Interesting facts about the site are that the extensive use of water for added defence and revolutionary design did indeed fulfil its purpose during an unsuccessful attack in 1316. Also, as the legend goes it said that the castle is haunted by the spirit of “The Green Lady”.

Last, but not least the welcoming nature of the people of Wales is also worth mentioning. Our stay was heartful and pleasant and we surely look forward to the next visit.

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