The London Team Building

As you may know me and Vladimir live in different cities, different countries in fact. He has been living in London, UK for the past 10 years now, and I live in Bulgaria.

For quite a while he has been inviting me to be his guest and for some reason that never happened, so here we are now, a little bit more than a year since we started Geo Glimse Travel blog we decidedto a have something like a Team Building event in London, so I can as well enjoy the beautiful sightseeing of the capital of the United Kingdom.

On the way there I had a terrible flight, the weather in Bulgaria was awful and my flight got delayed for almost 3 hours, not the best start, yeah? But then, when I landed in London, Vladimir was waiting for me at the airport with coffee and a sandwich, is that a nice welcome or what?

My flight was supposed to be at 22:25 and arrive at 23:45 local time, but due to the bad weather and delay it arrived at about 3:00 so at that time there was nothing to do really, other than go to sleep.

We woke up at 9:30 in the morning, fresh and relaxed. I was there only for the weekend, Monday was my flight back, so there was no time to waste, Vladimir had made a plan, what to see and what to do. Luckily he lives really close to Maida Vale metro station and we had no problem with the transports.

Our first step was to have a walk in the city center, Leicester Square. We got off the metro and went for a walk. We went through the Chinese neighborhood down the square and took some really cool photos.

Pavel Angelov in London

Unfortunately the weather was not that great and it started raining, you might say "Yeah, typical for London" but we weren't expecting that since the forecast was for clear weather.  However, it was already noon and we decided to have a bite to eat while the rain pass. We ate at what were at the moment one of the most popular burgers in London.

We finished our meal, but it was still raining and that kind a FUCKED up our plans, so we went for a drink at a place called Radio rooftop to enjoy the view, though foggy and rainy, still amazing.

Radio Rofftop London

We started with whiskey apperative, but an hour later when the DJ started playing the champagne was pouring everywhere. We had a great time at the bar, the music was awesome and the view there is amazing, so I definitely recommend it if you ever decide to visit London.

By the time we finished our bottle it was time to head back and prepare for the evening. We had a reservation at a Lebanese restaurant, again in the city center, nearby Leicester Square. Delicious food! I had never before tried Lebanese cuisine and it was again something new for me. For drinks we had some beers and something traditional for the place we were at, Shisha.

After dinner we had a quick walk before we headed home. We were thinking about hitting a club, but we spent too much time in the restaurant and it was too late. And by the way, in London, if you want to visit a club, you should know that they stop letting people in after 2 A.M. and all the clubs close their doors pretty early, at about 4 O' clock are ussuly alredy empty. Anyways, we were pretty tired, so going to bed wasn't that bad of an idea after all.

On the next morning we had a typical English breakfast. And after that we went for a walk in Hyde Park, which quickly became one of my favorite places in London, a must see place, so make sure you add that to your bucket list. Further down the park we reached the Harrods shopping center, probably the most luxurious mall I've ever been to, that means no shopping for us.

Harrods London

After and hour of non - shopping experience, we went to check out Buckingham palace, Big Ben (which was under construction) and the very famous London Eye.

London Eye

By now you are probably thinking not much more to do, right? Wrong! After that tour we took a boat ride on Thames river to the Greenwich park named after Greenwich Meridian (0° longitude) - the place where time splits! And not only that, but you have an amazing view over downtown London.

Vladimir Teodosiev in London, Greenwich

Unfortunately, that was the last of London for me. It was time to head back to reality and catch a flight back to Bulgaria. I had a great time enjoying London even though it was raining during most of my stay the city seemed amazing to me and I will most definitely go back someday, fortunately with better weather conditions.

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