Where to next?

Yet another travel planning guide, but one I have been using for years and managed to use my time and money the most sufficient way.

Travel packing guide

Have you ever been in a situation where you left your home, went on the road and realized that you've forgotten something?

Backpack travel essentials

A backpack for traveling is like a fuel for a car, something you need to have fully loaded with the most important items you would need.

How to plan long weekend vacations

Have you ever had a problem with managing your time? You want to travel more, but time is not enough? Here are some tips how to optimize and enjoy more for less.

Most important items to have on a long car trip

Learn what we think are the most valuable items you need to have on road trip, to make it safer and more pleasant.

Tips to reduce travel costs

Book smart, travel more, spend less and enjoy more. Useful tips from our personal experience on how to optimize your spendings when traveling.

Our top five winter accessories

The time of the year you can accessories the most is of course winter. It's the time when layers take part. Check out our list for top accessories for the winter.

Top items to have on a plane trip

You need to cross the ocean? Make sure to have the following items so you can do something different rather then sleep on the entire flight.

The advantages of travelling solo

What are the benefits of traveling solo? Below is a list of the most important in my view and the ones that can have a positive influence on your life.

A guide to planning your perfect vacay in 7 steps

Follow some of the travel planning steps we use. These may help you experience a great trip from start to finish!

Accommodation made easy - grab your perfect deal!

Budget accommodation, direct holiday homes, boutique hotels or free accommodation? Look no further as this guide will help you secure a great deal!

Top things to bring on a long flight

A selection of our favourite long flight items

5 Reasons to travel more

Travelling can benefit you in numerous ways. Below we have outlined 5 reasons that we believe are key and inspire us to do more.

Our top 5 summer accessories

The ultimate summer outfit in one place

No matter what your end destination is, it is always good to be learning whilst on the move

Very often I ask myself, if I had the choice of waking up with one super power tomorrow morning, what would I choose? I would like to be able to read and comprehend a book by just a single touch. A day in the library would help me accumulate a vast amount of knowledge, the possibilities are endless….