Bulgarian monasteries

Bulgaria has been traditionally a Christian state since the adoption of Christianity as state religion in 865, and therefore the dominant confession is the Eastern Orthodoxy of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

Cape Kaliakra, Bulgaria's easternmost point

Located on 80 kilometers from Varna city, Kaliakra is a great idea for a day trip. Enjoy some breath taking views and have lunch on the easternmost point of Bulgaria.

Skiing in Dobrinishte and Pirin's Bezbog Chalet in Bulgaria

Bezbog Chalet in Pirin Mountain offers spectacular magical views and one of the best value for money skiing in Europe.

The mystic Kukeri dance and Surva Festival in Bulgaria

The ancient Bulgarian Surva tradition, is kept alive through the mystical Kukeri dance who chase away the evil spirits.

Balchik palace and botanical garden

Constructed between 1926 and 1937, the palace complex consists of a number of residential villas that are today a state-run botanical garden.

Climbing mount Musala in Rila, Bulgaria

Musala is the highest mount in Bulgaria, located in Rila mountain and standing proud in the sky with its height of 2925 meters above sea level.

Struma River Rafting, Bulgaria

The sixth longest river in Bulgaria offers a great chance for you to be introduced to the wild and thrilling sport that rafting is!

Seven Rila Lakes, Bulgaria

Along the Rila Monastery, the Seven Rila Lakes is another must visit place in Bulgaria.

Rila monastery, Bulgaria

The Rila Monastery is an authentic national symbol and the most famous and largest Eastern Orthodox shrines in Bulgaria .