Top things to do in Skopelos

Underdeveloped but still offers many of things to do, away from the crowds, Skopelos is a perfect place to find some privacy, are you wondering for what?

Day trip to Kotor

A rather small but also very glamorous seaside town situated on the southwest part of Montenegro and a UNESCO world heritage center.

7 reasons to add Blenheim Palace to your list of British weekend destinations

Experience the best of British in Blenheim Palace! 7 compelling reasons to add this national and Unesco heritage site you your list of UK weekend destinations

Ljubljana, Slovenia

A visit to the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana during Easter.

Making the most out of a weekend in Rome

Top things to see in the Eternal City of Rome over a weekend.

Belgrade, Serbia. The budget stop after celebreting New Year's Eve in Split, Croatia

I’ve visited the Serbian capital several times, including the New Year’s Eve of 2014 and spending a night there on our way back from Split was the most logical choice. Otherwise the road trip of about 1300 kilometres would have been too much.

Zagreb, Croatia. A stop before our New Year’s Eve Celebration in Split

Happy New 2017! If you have read my bucket list article by now, you probably know that the Croatian capital was the first stop planned in our journey. I’m glad to share that the journey went ahead as originally planned and wanted to share the details around my experience in the Zagreb.

The Croatian cities of Zagreb and Split during the festive season

I’ve had my eye on Croatia’s capital Zagreb for some time now as well as the city of Split. The latter seems to be the richest town of Croatia and I am pleased to announce that at last I have the opportunity to visit both cities and will be welcoming the new 2017 in Split.

Looking forward to experiencing Prague

The largest city and capital of Czech Republic and the 15th largest city in the European union. Located on the Vltava river the city is home to about 1.26 million people.