Halkidiki peninsula

Kassandra together with Sithonia both form Halkidiki peninsula in northern Greece, just about a 100 kilometers from Thessaloniki

Top beaches of Zakynthos

The island of Zante, which is the actual name, thought it's more famous with his capital city name Zakynthos has many wonderful beaches.

List of top things to do in Zakynthos

Explore the top things to do on one of the most famous Greeks islands. Trust our experience and enjoy your vacation the way you should.

Off the Beaten Path in the Bahamas

Located in the continent of the Caribbean, Bahamas is one of the most desired luxury vacation spots in the world.

Why you could fall in love with Iceland

Summary of my top 7 reasons why I love Iceland and the reasons why you should also visit the Nordic island nation


Tanzania is one of the most beautiful counties on earth! Pictures don’t do it justice—it takes a visit to truly be able to appreciate the stunning vibrancy of the scenery, the wild spirit of the bush, and the warm hospitality of the people. If you are looking for a vacation filled with beauty, adventure, and exoticism, then Tanzania just might be the destination for you.

The Caribbean Island of Saint Martin

When I moved to the Caribbean over a year ago, I was torn between “Wow, I get to live on the beach!” and “Great, I’ll be marooned on a rock in the middle of the ocean.” I have to admit that while I’ve definitely had some stuck-on-a-rock days, most days are filled with ocean sunsets and adventures in the water. It’s not all sunshine and joy, but on the island, rainbows always come after the rain.