Cardiff, the Welsh Barbados and Caerphilly Castle

Exploring the capital of Wales - Cardiff, Barrybados and the medieval castle of Caerphilly

The London Team Building

Meeting up in London to discuss how our summer will go on and enjoy the beautiful sightseeing of the UK's capital which I had never before been to.

The mystic Kukeri dance and Surva Festival in Bulgaria

The ancient Bulgarian Surva tradition, is kept alive through the mystical Kukeri dance who chase away the evil spirits.

The beauty of Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England

Sheffield is beautiful and there is more beyond the Steel City image.

7 reasons to add Blenheim Palace to your list of British weekend destinations

Experience the best of British in Blenheim Palace! 7 compelling reasons to add this national and Unesco heritage site you your list of UK weekend destinations

5 reasons you should visit Turkey

My top reasons to visit Turkey, where Europe and Asia meet.

Skiathos and the romantic anniversary

For our first anniversary we chose to visit two Greek islands at once starting with the charming and romantic Skiathos!

The Golden Circle of Iceland

Iceland is green and Greenland is 80% ice- an important distinction before we dive into it! The most badass and outcast Vikings settled here around the 10th century. Perhaps for a reason, as this land abundant of renewable energy a source (the island is volcanically active) is fairly isolated and there is plenty of space to get up to all sorts of mischief.