A trip to Dubrovnik

One of the most beautiful and breath taking cities in Croatia. Dobrovnik is a city with rich historical value to it's country and lovely place to visit.

The Blue Caves of Zakynthos

A natural phenomenon when the light hits the water in such angle that the bottom of the caves glow blue, thus the name Blue Caves.

Cardiff, the Welsh Barbados and Caerphilly Castle

Exploring the capital of Wales - Cardiff, Barrybados and the medieval castle of Caerphilly

Top things to do in Alicante

A beautiful city with plenty of things to do. During our long weekend stay we came up with a list for you guys on what you should and shouldn't waste time.

Top beaches of Thassos

The top beaches of Thassos island according to our own experience. We spend a total of 5 days there and visited almost all of them, those are the ones we will return to.

Top beaches of Corfu

Тhe Greek northernmost island of the Ionian Sea. Known as the "green" island, Corfu offers many beaches and fun things to do.

Top beaches of Zakynthos

The island of Zante, which is the actual name, thought it's more famous with his capital city name Zakynthos has many wonderful beaches.

Saint Valentine's Day in Nice

Can you think of a better location than the country of love, France, to celebrate Saint Valentine's Day? A perfect European getaway for the weekend.

A lovely day in Monaco

A day well spent in one of the most beautiful cities (countries) in the world Monaco.

Top things to do in Nice

The French Riviera has quickly become one of my favorite places in Europe. Amazing weather, incredible beach line and delicious food, what more could you ask for.

Top foods of Germany

Wursts aren't the only dish in the German cuisine, maybe it's the most famous, but there are many others as well. Check out which made our list.

Bulgarian monasteries

Bulgaria has been traditionally a Christian state since the adoption of Christianity as state religion in 865, and therefore the dominant confession is the Eastern Orthodoxy of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

Long weekend in Catania, Sicily

I love to do a long weekend vacations. A three night stay is often enough to get a good rest from your daily routine and refresh your body and your mind.

Top foods of Turkey

If don't have enough reasons to visit Turkey, check out the delicious things you can have at local restaurants and think again.

The Acropolis of Athens

On our way to Santorini island we flew from the capital of Greece, Athens. A beautiful old city with lots and lots of history.

Lefkada, Baller VS Budget

Lefkada island, Greece is one of my favorite places in the whole world. This was my third visit there and we went crazy this time!

Top food of Spain

Yet another one of the best cuisines of Europe. Check out some of Spain's most famous and delicious dishes.

The London Team Building

Meeting up in London to discuss how our summer will go on and enjoy the beautiful sightseeing of the UK's capital which I had never before been to.